Saturday, October 6, 2012

President Obama - FORWARD

It looks like a growth to me. #Obama2012.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito

Manny Pacquiao has speed that makes up for his size. He definitely proved that to me last night. I was nervous for the little man last night going up against Margarito a bigger and more dirty fighter. Giving away both pounds and inches,  the little Pacman turned Margarito into a bloody and nearly blind fighter from fast punches Saturday night with a unanimous victory that wasn't even close from the opening bell. Manny kept on looking at the referee wishing he would stop the fight. It showed Manny also felt bad and has a heart. At the end of the fight he said boxing is not meant to kill.

He is the only boxer right now that can fill up a stadium. The crowd was at 41,734 at Cowboys Stadium, Pacquiao won every round, opening a cut on Margarito's right cheek in the early round, closing his right eye, and his face was a bloody wreck.

The fight was for the WBC 154-pound title even though the contract weight was 150 pounds. Margarito weighed 150 at Friday's weigh-in, but was 165 that night. There was a 17 pound weight difference. How do gain 15 pounds in 2 nights? Pacquiao on the other hand, was 144.6 and weight in at 148 pounds. It doesn't matter now size don't matter. Pacquiao impressed me and now I am a strong believer that Mayweather just needs to step up in the ring. Mayweather is notorious for ducking and dodging, especially from Pacquiao. I want to see this fight go down so bad. Make it happen already.

Mike Posner - Please Don't Go

One of the new artistes that I get down to. Mike Posner is on the come up.